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Beekeeper Eric is gathering all over the province to make room for the bees

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Bee swarms occur between May and July. It is time for the swarm to breed in search of a new home. Before that shelter was discovered, the bees often congregated in a ‘truss’.

It usually happens on a bush, eves, a lamppost or a tree. It takes a few days for a group of bees to search a nest site.

In the initial volumes

However, the swarm of bees in a backyard makes most geelers feel insecure. That’s why beekeepers are invited inside. Eric Mahiu is such a beekeeper that he is in the opening blocks every morning, maybe his phone ring and he should go out.

As expected, five minutes later his phone rings and he is expected in a backyard in Middleburg. “Sometimes these months I get 15 calls a day,” Mahiu says with a laugh. “People often don’t know what to do with bee hives, and then they call me.”

The queen is very important

Upon arriving in the backyard of Middleburg, Mahiu sees a swarm of bees hanging immediately. To let the bees fall into the basket, he shakes the tree hanging from the truss. Most importantly, Queen Eric of the swarm of bees ends up in the basket.

“Then the other bees will follow,” he explains. “Sometimes it can take a few hours for all the bees to be in it and take them with me. So often I come back in the evening.”

‘Leave it to us’

As for Mahiu, that was the right intention. “Bees are generally very sweet, but don’t impose them on yourself,” he says. “We have a lot of beekeepers in Zeeland, so leave it to us.”

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