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Image accompanying the Activision Blizzard article |  Microsoft is heading towards the gaming giant

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. This $95 per share offer is all cash and represents a premium of 45.3%. This teaches me a few things.

Image accompanying the article Option Tip 257 |  New post on Aperam

This week I will give advice on Aperam stock option. In addition, there are updates on tips for the three options that have been sold – old Aperam advice, NN Group and SPY – and about advice on AEX, AMG and Besi.

Image accompanying article Chart of the day |  Microsoft presses Sony's path

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has sent a shock wave into the game world, and its rival Sony appears to be the biggest victim at the moment.

Picture accompanying the article Paysafe |  Reviving this advice is not worth the wait

The paysafe stake purchase tip resulted in a complete fiasco. The loss on edge is a massive 76.6% and waiting for a rebound now is very speculative.

Photo accompanying the article Goldman Sachs |  The tailwind is less strong than expected

At Goldman Sachs (GS), costs rose sharply. Operating expenses of $7.3 billion in the fourth quarter were 23% higher than a year earlier. As a result, earnings fell 13% to $3.9 billion.

Picture accompanying the article Option Tips VS |  Collect trophies with technology

The volatility continues on the stock exchanges and this gives reason to put some extra focus on highly liquid products. Options that meet this criterion are those of the Nasdaq ETF QQQ.

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