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Belgian cats meet USA, Russia and Puerto Rico in World Cup qualifiers | Belgian cats

The Belgian women’s basketball team should enforce their place in the Washington World Cup, which is home to Emma Miseman. “It’s going to be special,” Meesman, a WNBA champion with Washington Mystics, said on Twitter.

In Washington, DC, Belgian cats will compete with the United States, Russia and Puerto Rico in February 2022. Stocks: Tickets for the Basketball World Cup in Australia in the fall of 2022.

The United States, the No. 1 team in the world, is already determined to participate in the World Cup as an Olympic champion. The Belgium team (FIBA-6) has two more World Cup tickets to earn. So, if the United States does not make it into the top 2, it is in the hands of the cats to keep at least one country or two countries behind.

Winning against the United States would be a miracle, however it is currently difficult to estimate which team will bring American women to the top. However, Team USA will be perfect for the success of its own people.

As for the cats, this is often the case in games against Russia and / or Puerto Rico. Russia (FIBA-12) is emerging as a former basketball powerhouse, led by young Maria Vadejeva of the talented generation.

At the recent European Championships, the Cats had the biggest difficulty with Russia in the quarterfinals. Julie Almond then decided a nervous game in favor of Belgium.

Puerto Rico (FIBA-17) is not new to Belgian women either. Both countries were on the same team at the Olympics last summer. Then the Belgian cats won by a large margin. If they do it again in February, it will be difficult for them to get World Cup tickets.

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