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Berchem zoekt unieke trouwlocatie met groene buitenruimte

Berkem is looking for a unique wedding location with a green outdoor space (Birkem)

The house of the current administrative district.
Photo: Patrick de Roo

Berkem –

Couples who agree to each other in Berchem today, do so in the unromantic space of the current administrative district house. “A lot of people are disappointed in this location,” says District Mayor Evi van der Blanken (N-VA). So the area is looking for a green location where it is also possible to have weddings abroad.

All areas of Antwerp have a beautiful location where they can receive guests for their wedding. “We don’t have that in Berkem,” says Evi van der Blanken. Lovers must say yes to each other in an empty, non-romantic multi-purpose room where, among other things, the district council is also convening.

“We have a lot of comments about that. A lot of people are disappointed with this site. We want to change that. Starting in the coming summer months. That is why we are looking for a new and unique site where we can move from July to September.”

This site must meet a number of conditions. “We are looking for a festive space with a Berchem touch. Nice view, unique story. There should also be an outdoor green space available, because we like to offer the wedding guests a great outdoor location. In other words, everything can be more festive. It should. That the new site contributes to the experience of that day. This is unfortunately not the case now and this is a great loss for Berkem.”

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For now, this is a temporary wedding venue. “In the long term, the district office will move away from the building in Grotesteenweg. As a result, the weddings will take place elsewhere. Maria Gasthuis is currently on the table as a new location. But it will be years before such a move is made. (Mariahof’s website will be fully developed in the coming years, editor).. So we want a solution for the coming months with the idea of ​​having weddings again by next summer. So we don’t have to wait until July, but we can start at the alternate location from April, for example.”