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Bird flu still affects wild birds in the north

Bird flu still affects wild birds in the north

The bird flu virus has not left yet. In recent weeks, hundreds of dead wild birds have been found in the northern Netherlands. This mainly concerns barnacle geese and black-headed gulls on the northern coast and in the Groningen Nature Reserve.

That reports De Volkskrant. It is said to be a highly pathogenic H5N8 species, and it is contagious not only to poultry, but also to birds of prey. According to the newspaper, between 10 and 40 percent of Al Shaheen winter hawks were affected in 2016.

By the way, some peregrine falcons have already left or are on the runway, according to Sofone Bird Statistics. However, a dead sea eagle cub was recently found. You can get sick after eating an infected barnacle goose.

Beware with expansion

A few weeks ago, forester Jaap Klosterhuis of Statesbulls found dozens of corpses around Lauwersmeer. He heard from colleagues that hundreds of earlier dead birds would rest at the German Esumakeech. It is reported that Kloosterhuis is keen on clearing North Newspaper. In the direct killing, thousands of geese floated from the wings. You don’t have to have this either if you want to contain disease.

The virus usually clears up by the onset of spring. Since bird flu can also infect poultry, vigilance is required.

Outbreaks of bird flu in the Netherlands. (Source: WUR )

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