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Bitcoin (BTC) handelsvolume op P2P exchanges nam in deze landen toe, adoptie zet verder door

Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Volume Increases on P2P Exchanges in These Countries, Adoption Continues » Crypto Insiders

Cryptocurrencies offer many people in the world a great opportunity to escape inflation, join the economy, and securely store and send their money digitally. It is therefore not surprising that it was the African continent that experienced a growth in trade volume in the past six months one to one Cryptocurrency exchange. who appears from data From

Cryptocurrency exchange Like Coinbase and Binance offer merchants trading platform. In this case, it is the Binance platform and Coinbase itself that facilitates, maintains and operates the platform. Peer-to-peer or P2P trading platforms work differently. Traders on these types of platforms do business directly with each other. Thus, the P2P platform itself is actually a kind of Marketplace, but for cryptocurrencies. tracks trading volume on the two largest P2P exchanges; Commodity and local bitcoins. If we look at the past 180 days and compare that to the past 180 days, it is noticeable that an area of ​​the world is increasingly buying bitcoins through these exchanges.

While Europe and North America are seeing a decrease in the volume of trade, many African countries are seeing an increase of 16-30%. demand for Bitcoin (BTC) In Africa a sharp increase. If we zoom in, we see Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana in particular stand out. It is remarkable that Nigeria is exactly a country acting hard Against exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

Another region where P2P volume has increased is Asia. The growth there is mainly coming from India, a country where there has been a lack of clarity in recent months on whether to ban cryptocurrencies or not. Trading volume in India increased by about 20%. The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia also saw an increase in the trading volume of their fiat currencies.

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More and more countries are starting to see that Bitcoin can offer a solution. So is El Salvador. Central American country decided Bitcoin So make it legal tender!