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CEO van Microstrategy Volatiliteit van bitcoin (BTC) zal sommige investeerders blijven teleurstellen

Bitcoin (BTC) volatility will continue to frustrate some “cryptocurrency insiders” investors

Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, recently revealed that there are some consistent characteristics of Bitcoin (BTC) It can simply be too much of a hassle for some investors.

Microstrategy is a large-scale Bitcoin-focused company. Not long ago, the company bought for such 500 million dollars A large amount of bitcoins.

High volatility carries big risks

at Interview with Sven HenrichNorthmanTrader, Youtube host, Michael Saylor warns investors about the volatility of the largest cryptocurrency.

“People who invest in bitcoin as traders, who don’t look at the technology behind it or with… FlourLook, they will always be disappointed by the ups and downs.”

Saylor’s message is clear: Bitcoin is not a way to get rich quick and make money easily. According to him, new investors and traders should only invest with money that they want to lose.

In addition, Saylor argues that these investors should not be guided by impulsive decisions and should not advise their acquaintances or friends to invest in bitcoin in the purely short term.

Saylor stays rising

Despite his warnings to inexperienced investors, Saylor still believes in the future of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world.

Because traditional Fiat With currencies like the US dollar and the euro continuing to print at a rapid pace, Saylor believes that bitcoin will get stronger and stronger.

“I see Bitcoin as the most popular and most powerful type of monetary asset in the world.”

Saylor’s taking this stance was not surprising, of course. His company Microstrategy, recently released They plan to sell at least $1 billion in shares to fund the purchase of more bitcoin, among other things.

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Saylor is optimistic when it comes to the future of bitcoin, but his warning to new investors is an important one: Be careful and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.