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Bizarre situation of European champion Yori Hawick: He was not allowed to go to the World Cup

These are incredible days for track cyclist Yori Hawick. On Saturday he became the European champion in the link race, but yesterday morning heard that Avenhorner was not allowed to take part in the World Cup. Disappointed, Koshak tells NH Sport that he did not read the KNW rules correctly.

Yori Hawick (L) and John-Willem von Ship after European title in co-race – Arne Mill / Orange Pictures

“If you want to ride the World Cup, you must have ridden a Nations Cup (before the World Cup, we went to a Nations Cup at the end of the edition, we did not go. They thought they would deliver, it never came,” explains Hawick.

The rules were misread

Last week it seemed to be going well. “During the European Championships, KNWU suddenly came up with a last resort. ‘If you win the European Championship, you still qualify for the World Cup.’

“It’s the same risk if I go to the supermarket here. But KNWU said I didn’t want to take that risk.”

To track cyclist Yori Howie

Koshak was not allowed to travel from KNWU to Colombia

In early September, the last Nations Cup was on display in Colombia. Hawick: “I wanted to go there for a mechanic with my best friend. No one from the union had to come with me. It was at my own risk because I was vaccinated. I’m going to the same supermarket here if I go. But KNWU is the one that I do not want to take that risk. The coaches of the Dutch team also mentioned that they wanted to go to Colombia.

“Then it’s national coach Thorvald Weinenberg in the newspaper: ‘I should call his parents if he’s seriously ill. I’m thirty, you do not have to call my parents. You have to call my wife,'” Hawick bites.

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Other riders are allowed

“If the government bans travel, we can start. Like Australia and New Zealand. It is not loaded enough by KNWU. It sucks them to end up like this, but I am a victim.”

Significantly, individual riders and current world champions are allowed to take part in next week’s World Cup. “KNWU has been telling me for a long time that it’s right. UCI communicates badly, but KNWU is obviously bad. I blame them.”

“UCI communicates badly, but KNWU is obviously bad. I blame them.”

Track cyclist Yori Havik

Enjoy the European title

Despite the setbacks, Havik will enjoy the European Championship gold, which he reached on Saturday from tomorrow. “We’re going to ride in a six-day race in a European Championship jersey. It’s going to be awesome. If I were to drive with that jersey in Gent and Rotterdam now, you’re absolutely human.

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