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Black hole movies are made using computer software

Black hole movies are made using computer software

on me Youtube (over here archived) and tik tok (over here Archived), you can watch videos in which it seems that someone alone can capture the appearance of a black hole in the sky on the camera. The video, titled “Gargantua Black Hole CAUGHT ON CAMERA”, comes from the “InsanePatient2” channel and has been liked about 1.7 million times and shared 14,000 times on TikTok. On your TikTok profile crazy patient 2, which has more than 450,000 followers, we watch many videos of unusual events such as UFO appearances, exploding planets or the emergence of black holes. Although such events are of course unlikely, we’d still like to explain why.

Videos are created with CGI

in one of Videos on TikTok InsanePatient2 explains how, through computer-generated images, in a nutshell CGIA, applies digital technologies to everyday self-portrait scenes. Using computer software, film makers can create or digitally process images that do not already exist in the physical environment. CGI is a technology better known from the world of movies and games, with Avatar (2009) and Jurassic Park (1993) being some of the well-known examples.

Gargantua Black Hole, the name of the TikTok video, refers to the well-known film Interstellar (2014) in which director Christopher Nolan also worked with CGI. Gargantua It appears in the movie as a rapidly rotating supermassive black hole.

A brief introduction to the phenomenon of black holes

In 1783 he proposed John Michael First, the possibility of a black hole, although they were called black stars at the time. A black hole is formed by the gravitational collapse of a dying star. After billions of years old, many stars will die or collapse under their own gravity. This is because during its life a star can resist its gravitational pressure through internal thermal pressure from nuclear processes, which convert hydrogen into helium.

Eventually, the star will use up all the nuclear fuel it will shrink on, but it won’t always explode. In some cases, it can also be a possible final stage white dwarf to be. In other cases, if the star is large enough, the attraction between the particles can cause the star to collapse. Massive stars can collapse due to internal pressure, in other words due to their own gravity. The only thing left is a black hole.

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The collapse causes the star to shrink into a single point of infinite density. This point is also called exclusivity It is called: a point where space and time no longer exist. Black holes can also disappear. By emitting rays, the particles escape the black hole, causing more and more mass loss, shrinking and eventually disappearing.

Why a black hole so close to Earth is actually impossible

John Wheeler He eventually coined the term black hole in 1967. An apt name, because gravity at this point is so strong that not even light can escape from the black hole. Black holes also have the property of absorbing objects. The closer you get to the edge of the black hole, the stronger the current. So a black hole very close to Earth could be Earth suck. There may be ancient black holes and therefore smaller in size only the mass of a mountain. These could theoretically move in orbit around the Earth without affecting our planet, but they haven’t been found yet.

Scientists It has been estimated that there could be ten million to a billion black holes in our galaxy alone. Despite their abundance, do not panic because it is highly unlikely that a black hole will effectively swallow the Earth. From a distance, gravity is no stronger than a star of the same mass. For example, if the Sun were replaced by a black hole of the same mass, there would be No change It is in the force of gravity or gravity acting on it. In other words, the Earth would continue to revolve around the black hole without being dragged into it.

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Black hole images are exceptional and can only be captured with multiple telescopes

Because black holes do not emit light and are therefore naturally dark, they are very difficult to observe or photograph with telescopes. Only in 2019 became The first picture From a black hole called M87*, located far in the galaxy Messier 87. This breakthrough came through a collaboration Event Horizon Telescope Team (EHT). Eight different telescopes scattered on Earth target one point in the universe at the same time, working together as a planet-sized telescope. This allowed them to capture light that was deflected by the black hole’s strong gravitational pull. The black hole cannot be seen with the naked eye, not to mention that you can capture it with a smartphone, as in the videos on TikTok.

On May 12, 2022 announce The Event Horizon Telescope team noted that “the beginning of a new era of black hole physics has arrived.” The discovery of a new black hole came three years after the EHT released the first-ever image of a black hole. This time all telescopes were pointed at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way and Arch Statue A* to be taken. It has a mass about four million times the mass of the Sun and is located 27,000 light-years from Earth. This is much smaller, but closer to Earth than the M87*.

Image of a true black hole, Sagittarius A*. source: EHT Collaboration.


The black hole videos circulating on YouTube and TikTok were created by a program known as CGI. While it is highly unlikely that a black hole will swallow up Earth, the black hole in the video certainly will. Black holes are invisible to the naked eye: Multiple telescopes are needed to capture black holes. So it is impossible to use a smartphone, as the videos suggest. The first image of a black hole dates back to 2019.