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BlackBerry is back thanks to the delicious 5G concept

BlackBerry is back thanks to the delicious 5G concept

There was a time when the BlackBerry was the must-have smartphone. At the time, the keyboard made it easy to type and send messages quickly. And with this new concept, the phone may just make a comeback.

In 2020, Onward Mobility announced that it has a license with BlackBerry. In this way, they have the opportunity to release a 5G smartphone based on Android with a physical keyboard. But then calm prevailed.

BlackBerry 5G Concept

Well, we haven’t seen anything official about the new BlackBerry device that Onward Mobility is going to release. But this does not change the fact that the creators have already started with the idea of ​​such a smartphone. Of course, this concept does not say anything about the final product, but it is certainly good to dream about what it could be. This time it’s about a concept Neil D. This person incorporated a number of interesting elements into the concept. For example, there’s room on the back for a single HD camera, so there’s a lot of interest in the on-screen keyboard.

concept (Photo: Behance)

This keyboard is striking for this concept. The so-called display keyboard is used, which takes up about 25 percent of the screen. These small keys have the option to change their content. One minute you use a keyboard and it feels like a physical keyboard, and after that you use the keyboard for emoji shortcuts. This way you have the freedom and a physical keyboard at the same time.

Black Berry
Various options (Photo: Behance)

Multi use

The BlackBerry concept keyboard can also be used in other ways. For example, you can control your music or use it to receive a phone call. You can also easily use it with your navigation. Hopefully the end product will be similar to this, because then it can be a great addition to the display.

BlackBerry phones come back in 2021 and have 5G

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BlackBerry is back thanks to the delicious 5G concept

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