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Blizzard: Diablo IV includes more than 150 dungeons – Games – News

Optimizing the graphics is also tricky. In order to give the player a sense of a noticeable and noticeable improvement over the previous games, an increasing step is needed in terms of hardware. The transition from 3D graphics from Playstation 1 to PS2 is very visual and noticeable, but the transition from PS4 to PS5 is much less. While the required computing power always doubles, or more.

So it becomes more and more difficult for the developer to achieve the amazing effect. 1080p to 4K often remains noticeable with many viewing distances, but 4K to 8K the added value is questionable. Such steps in terms of accuracy require 2.5 to 4 times the computing power. Similar “reduced interest” occurs with almost all aspects of graphics, such as texture accuracy, shadow, shading quality, and models. The computational power required increases much faster than our subjective quality experiment, and every further step is more visually accurate than the previous.

However, I think Diablo 4 will be the most beautiful ARPG out there, or so far. Wolcen looks good too, and the Last Epoch comes close but not out yet (and doesn’t beat the D4 if you see it that way). What role-playing games actually look better than this?

Also consider Youtube compression. Diablo 4 looks very elegant in my opinion, which is completely invisible on Youtube. One still image It shows the details better already. The animation in the area also seems to be of a higher standard; less stable. Compared to Diablo 3, the graphical step forward is decent anyway.

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Anyway, we can’t say anything definitive about it until the game is over.

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