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Bloomberg: Sony wants to release its counterpart Xbox Game Pass for PlayStation – Games – News

Sony is said to be planning to release its own Xbox Game Pass equivalent for the PlayStation. As with Xbox Game Pass, a subscription codenamed Spartacus gives customers unlimited access to the video game catalog.

An anonymous source told Bloomberg that the service is a merger of existing subscriptions for PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. The medium was also able to obtain documents about Spartacus. The service is rumored to release sometime in the spring of 2022.

Spartacus had three Layers Displays. The cheapest option is similar to the current PlayStation Plus, where customers can access Sony’s online services. This also includes free games every month. The second option also gives users access to a “large library” of PlayStation 4 games and eventually also PlayStation 5 titles. Finally, buyers of the third and possibly more expensive version will also have the option to stream games, play demos for longer, and access PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 games Classic and PSP games.

Sony has neither confirmed nor denied a subscription to the game. Earlier, the CEO of the Japanese company On the other hand, the direct release of completely new games via such a subscription is “financially illogical”.

The alleged skeleton of Sony’s Spectacus is somewhat similar Xbox Game Pass from competitor Microsoft. Customers of this subscription can choose from unlimited access to a stable game library for PC or consoles. In addition, the Ultimate version is available for a subscription that includes all platforms including smartphones, and also offers Xbox Live Gold and Cloud Gaming.