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Bolingo: “Missed Games a Dark Page in a Beautiful Story” |  Athletics

Bolingo: “Missed Games a Dark Page in a Beautiful Story” | Athletics

Cynthia Bolingo is working on her return to BOIC training in Turkey, both mentally and physically. At Belga, she looks back on her turbulent summer and also looks to the future.

“The games remain a huge disappointment, but it’s part of an athlete’s life. A dark page in a beautiful story.”

Bolingo has also been criticized for having walked around too much in the lead up to the Games. “It’s always easy to take unwarranted criticism when things go wrong. I would have been in great shape very sooner but if I could do it again I wouldn’t change anything about my training.”

“Athletics is a sport where you push your body to the limit. For a major tournament you have to go to the limit and unfortunately that can’t always be controlled. Then you get over it.”

“Anyway, this criticism doesn’t affect me. I’ve always been able to shut myself off really well from those kinds of fears from the outside. I do what I want and trust myself. I’m not going to give up my sleep for what other people think.”

Now Cynthia Poligo is targeting the World Cup and the European Championship. “We are taking it step by step. The first goal is to qualify for these two tournaments.”

“There’s also a World Cup in the hall, but I don’t know yet if I’ll score. Small indoor competition it’s always good to keep the rhythm, but it’s not a priority.”