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book.  Open Space Alliances (Brussels Architecture Action Chamber)

book. Open Space Alliances (Brussels Architecture Action Chamber)

Open Space Alliances Creates a picture of the growing practice of open space collaboration. The book consists of four parts, each drawing on the experiences of 179 open space projects that have been supported or launched (or made sense) over the past ten years. Open space platform.

Ten future stories

In Part One, AWB distills the diversity of actors, themes and scales of action within these 179 projects into ten futuristic stories about open space alliances, illustrated by the artist Chloe Dirks. They reveal what connects all these projects: the power of collaboration to bring about necessary change in parks, fields, neighborhoods, villages, cities, landscapes, and even entire watersheds.

The second part confirms that this change is not only promising, but also possible, and even underway. Continue the photo report Bob Van Mall Give an overview of the work and achievements on the site. journalist Esmeralda Burgo Highlights four inspiring projects and shares the story of their core strengths, ambitions, process, and accomplishments.

Ten key questions

In Part Three, the projects are turned upside down. AWB shares successful and less successful experiences according to ten key questions every open space project initiator can begin with. Finally, the fourth and final part takes stock of 179 projects. The series of maps, along with the sounds of learning by doing, provides a picture of the proliferation of open space projects in the past ten years.

Open Space Alliances draws on 179 small and large open space projects over the past ten years, and adds its insights to ambitious future stories and tools for the next wave of projects for Flemish open space. The book was created based on research and interviews with a variety of players in the open space field and 10 years of experience at Architecture Workroom Brussels as a driver and maintainer of the Open Space platform and software.

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The “Open Space Alliances” publication is available at this link Online store From the Brussels Architecture Workshop.