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Boris Johnson calls for 'strong initiative' in the fight against global warming, but returns from COP26 after half a day

Boris Johnson calls for ‘strong initiative’ in the fight against global warming, but returns from COP26 after half a day

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Wednesday at the UN Climate Summit COP26 for a “strong initiative” to reach an agreement on fighting global warming. Calls for cooperation and ambition. “If we want to achieve our goals, we need another strong push to cross the finish line.”

Johnson said at the summit that the negotiations had entered a difficult phase. Johnson, who spoke in his capacity as prime minister of the host country where the summit is being held, said that many great initiatives were taken in the first few days to stop climate change, but that negotiations were now difficult and there was still much to do.

According to Johnson, the gap between where countries are in the plans and where they have to go to achieve climate ambitions must be bridged. However, the target of a 1.5-degree increment at most can still be achieved, he says. The Glasgow summit will officially run until Friday, but Johnson stated that more time could also be allocated if needed.


The politician, who this time traveled to the summit by train, said it was very disappointing to see that some of the countries that patted their backs six years ago to sign the Paris climate agreement are now not doing enough to achieve their goals. “You can’t sit on your hands when the world asks you to act,” Johnson said.

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The Prime Minister said the world is closer than ever to putting an end to human-caused climate change. “It’s on hand now, we just have to reach out and get it.” Johnson believes that if the Glasgow summit fails, it will lead to a huge and long-lasting setback for the world.

Back to London

The Prime Minister arrived in Glasgow on Wednesday afternoon and returned to London in the evening. According to Sky News, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on Johnson to stay longer in Glasgow. According to Reuters news agency, Labor MPs also questioned whether a day in Glasgow would be enough to influence negotiations.

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