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Britain released a data list of Afghan employees...

Britain released a data list of Afghan employees…

British soldiers help evacuate civilians and Afghans who were helped by the British. © ISOPIX

While it is feared that the Taliban will retaliate against Afghans who helped Western countries, a list containing contact details of Afghan staff at the British Embassy in Kabul has been left behind. He was found by a journalist in the Times and contacted the British authorities.

Asian Development BankSource: The Times, The Guardian

He lives. Follow the latest developments from Afghanistan here

Journalist Anthony Lloyd found the list at the British Embassy on Tuesday when he visited the deserted diplomatic district in the Afghan capital with a Taliban patrol.

The documents contained the contact details and addresses of three Afghan embassy employees. While the Taliban militants looked on, Loyd also found biographies of four applicants, in which some described other countries they had previously worked in. The papers were on the floor and apparently forgotten when the embassy was abandoned on 15 August.

Phone calls to the numbers on the list revealed that some Afghan employees are still being held outside the airport. According to The Times, the three staff members and their families were only evacuated after the newspaper passed their details to the British Foreign Office.

Parliamentary investigation

The government agency admits the error, but says embassy staff did their best to destroy sensitive information when the embassy had to be abandoned in a hurry. Most importantly, they have now managed to bring the three families to safety.

A source inside the agency said the government agency is grateful for The Times to share data with them and to work together to bring families to safety.

The fate of at least two applicants is unclear.

This issue is causing an uproar because since the Taliban movement began to advance in Afghanistan, there have been fears of retaliatory attacks against Afghans who have provided aid to Western countries.

A British parliamentary committee will investigate the incident. That was a report by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat. The investigation will focus on “the way the public service has handled this crisis.” “The evidence is already coming,” Tugendhat said.

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