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Britain's Queen Elizabeth (95) receives another official visit...

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (95) receives another official visit…

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II received an official visit to Windsor Castle on Wednesday. The 95-year-old Queen had a chat with Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England.

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This is the second official visit to the Queen within a week. The first visitor after a recess during which she did not receive any guests was General Nick Carter. He will soon step down from the position of Chief of Defense Staff of Britain.

And British media reported that the head of state awarded the medal of her personal doctor. Sir Hugh Thomas served in the medical staff at Windsor for fifteen years, seven of which were as chief. It was also likely the doctor who advised the 95-year-old Queen to make it easier. Thomas was knighted at a private ceremony at Windsor Castle accompanied by his wife. The Doctor received honors as a Knight of the Victorian Monarchy.

The Queen appears to be making repairs in photos posted on social media on Wednesday. She suddenly ended up in the hospital last month for a checkup. Shortly before that, the Queen’s visit to Northern Ireland was cancelled. This was Elizabeth’s first hospital stay in years.

Doctors advised the Queen to take things easy for a few weeks, and as a result she missed the Glasgow Climate Summit, among other things. Then she quietly returned to working with some digital audiences.