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Britney Spears blames her mother for abuse of power by...

Britney Spears blames her mother for abuse of power by…

The singer stated in an Instagram post that not only her father Jamie, 69, but her mother Lynn, 66, is responsible for the far-reaching regime and her father’s abuse of power.

For thirteen years, the American star was under the supervision of Jamie Spears, who became a custodian of her wealth and schedule after his daughter’s mental problems. The court-ordered agreement gave him control of her property and many aspects of her life. Jamie controlled how often she performed and saw her children, monitored her phone and social media, and kept all finances in her own hands.

Rumors of that administration sparked the #FreeBritney movement, with fans pushing for Britney’s independence. Her fiancé Sam Asgari also called for management to end – Jamie Spears rejected the relationship with Asgari and his daughter was not allowed to decide to have the IUD removed.

After a lawsuit in which the singer herself testified, her father renounced custody in September. Management has been preserved, but is temporarily assigned to experts, who are temporarily in charge of management.

My mother gave him the idea

Where the pop singer hasn’t talked about management for years, she has recently come out with statements, often via her social media. After criticizing her family in vague terms last week, Spears pointed the finger at her mother, Jamie’s ex-wife, Lynn, in an engagement sermon that has since been kept offline. She was, according to Spears, feeding her father.

“What people don’t know is that it was my mother who gave him the idea to become a guardian, my father is not smart enough for that,” Spears wrote. I will never get those years back. You have secretly ruined my life.

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“My career was a family business”

According to Spears, her mother remained dumb the whole time. However, Lin reacted “satisfied” in August when her ex-husband stepped down as regent. During the trial, she sided with Britney as the party involved, accusing Jamie of incompetence. Lynn is still claiming €570,000 in attorney fees for her daughter.

On November 12, a new hearing will be held on the issue of completely ending the administration. During a second hearing, on December 13, the judge will consider, among other things, the handling of the financial issues. The singer has already decided that she will break off all relations with her parents. My career was previously a family business. Not anymore. I thank my family for getting out of my life so I can finally manage it myself.”