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Britney Spears doesn't want to go out under the government: "The only thing you can't do is do crazy things" |  Famous

Britney Spears doesn’t want to go out under the government: “The only thing you can’t do is do crazy things” | Famous

FamousBritney Spears (39) has been in management since 2008. Sources tell TMZ that she thinks that’s a good thing. But for her father, Jimmy (68), to take over the role, does not suit the singer. A new documentary claims to have discovered the reason for that management: Britney would be a little dementia.

Britney Spears will appear in court again next month. During the hearing, Britney will be talking about running since 2008. Although fans are increasingly demonstrating against the system, the singer herself isn’t making it really a problem. Sources told TMZ, “She has 99% of the freedom she would have had if she weren’t under the government. The only thing she couldn’t do was do crazy things. Like buying three cars at the same time, something they used to do. She dared once.” For example, Britney can come and go anywhere she wants – she travels to Hawaii regularly, for example – and she can live her life without too many restrictions. She herself will understand very well why she is placed under management. “She’s taken care of now, and she knows it.”

The singer has a problem is dad Jimmy. He has been a trustee since 2008, but his relationship with his daughter has taken a heavy toll. For example, they no longer talk to each other, and Britney is unhappy with the way he runs her business and with the people he hires. The singer will feel that they are only taking their own interests and not her interests. This is why she wants Jimmy to stop acting as an official, which is something she wants to clarify to the judge at the hearing next month.

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mental illness

Meanwhile, after the controversial “Framing Britney Spears”, a new documentary has been produced about the singer’s condition. Journalist Maubin Azhar believes in his book “The Battle of Britney: Fans, Criticism, and Conservation” that he found a reason to put Britney under that administration. The singer is believed to have dementia. He told The Mirror, “When I first heard the allegations, it seemed to me just a conspiracy theory. It seemed far fetched. But some fans claimed they had documents about management. I don’t know if they are legitimate, but it seems they have a connection to the management.” Azhar says he should point to such documents as to why it wants that administration. Britney’s document will contain a dementia sign. “So Britney might have dementia. I’m not a doctor, but if that’s the case. The world doesn’t know, Azhar says.” The other option is even more sinister: Britney isn’t crazy at all, but her team wanted to get that management through. If so, it’s really scary. ”

Documentary films hypocrisy

Britney herself has been faced with all the speculation about her condition. She wrote on social media: “Many documentaries have been made about me, where other people give their perspective on my life. What should I say? I feel flattered? These documents are all very hypocritical.” Britney said, “The role of the media is always blamed. Media in my life, but these radio shows do exactly the same thing. ”“ I would remind you that despite the difficult times in my life, I have had a lot more fun than the bad things. Unfortunately, the world is more interested in negative stories. Why is it necessary to keep repeating most of the painful moments in my life, which were years ago? “

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