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Britney Spears resting after all the turmoil in Hawaii: 'Have fun and have fun' |  Famous

Britney Spears resting after all the turmoil in Hawaii: ‘Have fun and have fun’ | Famous

Britney shows her body in a tiny red bikini, makes angels in the sand and plays in the ocean. Through her social media, she lets you know that she is doing well and has posted a number of videos on Instagram. Well, let me say: I’ve done it again! This is the second part of my Maui ride. I’m driving here in an old car, but who cares. I’m having fun and having fun! The sound of the ocean makes me happy, just like hearing people laugh on the porch next to us. People are happy and celebrating life, exactly what I want. “I’m going to share a lot with you, so keep an eye on my account,” Britney said.

Britney first said publicly last Wednesday that she wanted to get rid of her father Jamie’s rule. During the hearing, the singer told the judge, among other things, that she feels like a “slave” of her father. The singer also announced her desire to file a complaint with her family, without naming names. “The people who did this to me shouldn’t get away with this,” Britney said.

The 39-year-old singer has been under the supervision of her father since 2008 due to a mental breakdown. This means that Jamie Spears has been responsible for all of her business and personal decisions since then.

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