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Britney Spears shares a topless photo on Instagram again

Britney Spears shares a topless photo on Instagram again


The American singer has already posted photos of her topless four times on Instagram. She covers her breasts with her hands or hidden stars. Some say it shows she is “at last free”. But many fans also expressed concern.

I started with my first topless photo a week ago. Celebrities like Paris Hilton reacted very positively to the shot, but after the second photo and the last two videos, many fans started asking themselves questions. “I feel like these photos are being shared by someone else,” one person wrote. And this is not only because judging by the reactions, many other fans are wondering what exactly is going on with the singer. Britney herself also offers a bit of an explanation as she doesn’t write anything with pictures and only posts a few star or lip emojis.

According to many fans, this is further evidence that Spears is not free, referring to legal action against her father, who also manages her.

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