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Bungie onthult nieuwe informatie over The Final Shape en meer

Bungie reveals new information about the final appearance and more

During The Final Shape Developer Preview, Bungie shared new information about the development of The Final Shape, Destiny 2's upcoming expansion.

Starting June 4, 2024, players can enter The Pale Heart of the Traveler to confront The Witness. Guardians here have new powers called the Prismatic subclass. The images below show the new subcategory.

The new Prismatic subclass combines light and dark, allowing players to enhance their playstyle with new items and abilities. All classes also have access to a unique grenade that combines several items from subclasses. Sorcerers get Status/Void, Giants get Strand/Bow, and Hunters get Solar/Stagnation.

Additionally, Bungie announced an exotic class item for classes. This means that Hunter Cloaks, Titan Marks, and Warlock Bonds will receive exotic perks for the first time. Perks are random and have two properties for existing exotic class items, sometimes also from other classes.

The Witness introduces a new faction for Guardians to face in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the Dread. This is a group of tough fighters with unique skills. We've already met the Tormentor in Lightfall. Subjugators were previously revealed, but now Bungie has also revealed the Grim, Husk, Attendant, and Weaver units. The features of the new units are as follows:

  • grim: A highly mobile flying enemy that slows and suppresses players' abilities if they get too close.
  • Peel: An acrobatic melee enemy that can send a spirit enemy towards players unless they reach their weak point.
  • Attendant Weaver: These units use Stasis and Strand and can change the course of battle. By doing so, they force guards to closely monitor their positions on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Destiny 2 Into the Light has started for all players. This update will be rollable for 2 months and includes the following:

  • A new wave of offensive defensive activity
  • Premium and favorite weapons in standard and limited editions,
  • A new social space called the Champions Hall
  • Repeat exotic quests The Whisper and Zero Hour,
  • A new raid boss activity called Pantheon
  • New rewards

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is scheduled to release in July 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series Final Form will be the first expansion since Bungie became a Sony studio. The Japanese giant spent $3 billion to buy the Seattle studio and Bungie's intellectual property.