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Burgerlicius American Food Show N14 Scent Way 66 (Malle)

Burgerlicius American Food Show N14 Scent Way 66 (Malle)

Danrico Banberg at Burgerlicius in Hoogstraatsebaan in Oostmalle. © kristin matthyssen


You feel like you’re on Route 66 at an American restaurant, but you’re actually at N14 at Hoogstraatsebaan in ‘Eastmalle’. Thanks to the new Burgerlicius burgers, freakshakes, curly fries, hot dogs and sponge nachos, you can enjoy a culinary landing in the US without any flight.

Christine Mathisen

Danrico Bonberg and his crew are busy as we enter Burgerlicious. A young woman comes to pick up the order she just sent via SMS, where there are paper bags full of food waiting for home delivery. “We have been operating since April 1, and have noticed that some customers want to have their orders delivered to their home in the evening rush hour because they can not find a parking space or get stuck in traffic.” We arrived in an emergency and immediately found a parking lot near Municipal Square anyway.

Danrico prepares a burger.

Danrico prepares a burger. © km

With graffiti wall and regular decor, burgerlicius breathes the atmosphere of an American snack bar. “There are plenty of deep fryers. If you want to be surprised, you have to try to differentiate yourself, ”explains Danrico. “We chose this place because we live nearby and there are a lot of students here.”

The burgerlicius has approximately seven seats – a bar with a high stool and a table for four people – and of course carry.

Are you hungry

Are you hungry © Burgerlicius

The box loaded with fries, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sauces, cheese burger, mayonnaise and ketchup is nowhere to be found in the Flemish chip shop. A classic burger (beef, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce) costs 10 euros, but you can upgrade your burger as much as you want. How to make Chicken Burger, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Truffle Mayonnaise, Pretzel Burger or Root 66 Burger with Pork, Grilled Mushrooms and Kentucky Burger caramelized onion† For big eaters Bigfoot Burger, Grand Canyon Burger and The Over the top Burgerlicius, the latter being no less than three burgers. The same concept extends to hot dogs, milkshakes, freakshakes and finger foods including nachos and chicken wings. Missing real American pancakes.

There are still balloons from the opening.

There are still balloons from the opening. © km

Vegetarian card

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What BurgerLisius is most proud of is the comprehensive vegetarian diet that is similar to the size of the burger menu. From vegan veggies to sponge nachos and sweet potato fries: even vegetarians struggle with the pressure of choice on burgerlicius.

Hard to resist.

Hard to resist. © Burgerlicius

The new restaurant on High Street Avenue is open every day except Mondays. Usually 4pm, Wednesday 12pm and Sunday 2pm.

Orders for that are being prepared.

Orders for that are being prepared. © km