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"Button-pressing aggression takes an alarming shape"

“Button-pressing aggression takes an alarming shape”

The situation in Oosttangent in Heerhugowaard. It’s also a daily hit in other places, according to our reader poll.© screen blanking

Ed Brewer

‘Give space for the ritter’ that is friendly written on it on the traffic signs. Fasteners, it’s a great invention for places where a driveway disappears, but Douwe Woudhuizen from Heerhugowaard often sees it going wrong. “Aggression takes on really frightening forms,” is his experience that he draws our attention to.

This experience is mainly based on Oosttangent with him in Heerhugowaard in the evening rush hour. But there is not only…

According to him, many motorists do not know the rules (which our survey also showed). “On the right lane they leave no space, they drive very close to each other to prevent merging. Or they start honking loudly. They obviously think others want to go ahead or they have priority.”

For a moment there was doubt as to whether he was wrong. So he went to check it out thoroughly. But no, he understood the traffic rules well at this point. When driving in traffic jams, you have to leave room for road users to blend in smoothly when the road narrows. It is preferable to enter this as follows: at the first traffic light 300 meters before the narrowing, set your speed to the speed of the traffic on the right and only begin to merge quietly about 50 meters from the narrowing, using the direction indicator. So you keep using the invisibility lane for as long as possible, although it makes sense to turn right early if there’s a proper gap already there.

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This is what, for example, driving school owner Leon Huebner of Alkmaar teaches his students. He thinks pressure is “a little gray concept in Holland”. “In principle, several opportunities should/should be offered to give space for the zippers. An entry lane may/should be used as much as possible, so that driving is allowed to the finish. The intent is to give a single zipper rider the opportunity to join in.”

That’s exactly how it is. one after another. Nobody comes home later because of that, and if everyone cooperated, you wouldn’t have to rage to rise all the way.