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Buying an apartment with a Dogecoin?  In Portugal this is possible!  Insider on cryptography

Buying an apartment with a Dogecoin? In Portugal this is possible! Insider on cryptography

Dogecoin (DOGE) It can now be used to purchase luxury apartments in Portugal. Penthouse is currently on sale for 5 million DOGE, approximately $ 2.2 million.

Dogecoin is often seen as a joke or as a tool that is widely speculated and gambled on on TikTok. But in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, it is now possible to buy ultra-luxurious homes with a “meme currency”. FNTX Captial Suisse, the Swiss liquidity provider, has partnered with 355 Developments, a Portuguese project developer. Together, they now offer homes that can be paid for with cryptocurrencies.

In addition to dogecoin, it is also possible to use Bitcoin (BTC)And the Ether (ETH) On Cardano (ADA) To buy apartments. FNTX’s “Real Estate Exchange” service keeps all cryptocurrency prices up-to-date for display in real time. Currently, 3 apartments are offered on the stock exchange. The cheapest, two-bedroom apartment, is up for sale for about 1.57 million dugouts, or about $ 690,000. The most expensive is the aforementioned penthouse for 5 million dogecoins.

A growing fashion

April saw an increase in the number of US sellers willing to accept cryptocurrency payments for their properties, according to Yahoo Money:

In the past month, there were 71 “listings” that mentioned cryptocurrency or bitcoin in their description on the real estate website. This represents 14.3 properties per 100,000 homes, the highest rate ever, according to the data. “

Ivanka Trump’s home, the “ Luxury Miami Arte Surf Apartments, ” contains apartments for sale that can be paid for in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Crypto at the beach club

Crypto payments are increasingly being accepted. The same is the case at the Beach Club in Montreal. Owner Olivier Primo said, starting from next year, it will be possible to pay for alcoholic beverages in cryptocurrency:

“The Beach Club will officially be the first club in Canada to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods.”

Moreover, it was not yet known exactly how this would form. The 100,000-seat restaurant will consider multiple platforms before it launches in 2022. Relatively vague ads like this one make it clear that companies are accepting crypto payments not only because they see a future in them, but also to get more publicity.