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BVs are currently up for the challenge in the new VTM program "Truth, Daring or Doing": but do you already know how the popular game came about?  |  showbiz

BVs are currently up for the challenge in the new VTM program “Truth, Daring or Doing”: but do you already know how the popular game came about? | showbiz

TVTruth? It is the question that a series of BVs are introduced to in the new VTM program of the same name. But the game is also not alien to unknown Flanders. We played the game many times during our childhood, but many people don’t know how this concept came about. It’s time for a history lesson!

If you look at the questions that arise during the Truth, Dare, or Deed tour, you wouldn’t expect the game to have a rich history, but nothing could be further from the truth. For example, the name of the game was first discovered in a British dictionary in 1677 (!). So, as you can imagine, the concept originated in the UK. Although the British knew the game by a different name. So they called it “questions and orders” or “quests and orders”.

The rules of the original game were also slightly different from the version we know now, but the basic concept is generally similar. “The party with whom you play the game will take turns presenting a series of questions to answer and a number of commands to perform,” reads the description. So the idea itself was the same, but the player in question was not allowed to choose between a mission or a question. He or she had to answer a question and carry out a task anyway, no matter what it was about.

British bourgeoisie

In the years that followed, the game became especially popular with the British bourgeoisie. This is clear from the book “The Riddles of Love and Eloquence: The Arts of Courtship and Complementarity”. In 1685, the famous game was played mainly to impress a potential partner. So the game has been around for hundreds of years and the form we know was created in 1711. In the British publication The Spectator, the term “truth, dare or do” is discussed for the first time. “It’s a great tool for those who want to incorporate some humor into a conversation,” it seems, among other things. During that period, the game was also chosen collectively by British students.

After its early rise, the game has never disappeared from the spotlight and has become more than just a game. In 2018, for example, the horror movie “Truth or Dare” saw the light of day, a movie in which a group of friends play a lethal version of the game with each other. In addition, there are also many board games from “Truth, Dare or Doen” in 2021.

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