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Cabin crew denounce the heavy workload of flyers at Brussels Airport

Cabin crew denounce the heavy workload of flyers at Brussels Airport

The symbolic action aims to denounce the heavy workload among Brussels Airlines cabin crew. “Due to a number of changes in the way they plan, they are getting increasingly difficult work schedules that cannot be maintained throughout the summer,” says Tim Roylant, secretary of the liberal union ACLVB. This is why cabin crew are distributing brochures to passengers at Brussels Airport today.

In addition, the administration is not honoring the social pact made last year, Roillant says. This agreement was about additional flexibility. According to the union official, it was also agreed to measure and monitor employee stress, so that action can be taken if necessary. It appears that “this security system has not yet been put in place”.

Wencke Lemmes, a spokeswoman for Brussels Airlines, says management is respecting the agreement, but acknowledges the workload is high, in part because the network of destinations is currently unstable. “If a country changes the color code, we immediately see the impact on bookings and cancellations. Then we adjust our flights, which unfortunately means no stable network. In addition, colleagues are not allowed to travel on vaccination day and two days later. This means that We have to constantly adjust our planning,” explains Lims.

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