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Cameron Diaz never washed her face: 'I'm a monster'

Cameron Diaz never washed her face: ‘I’m a monster’

Cameron Diaz © blg

For years, Cameron Diaz has been one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but the blonde said goodbye to her glamorous life years ago. With this she is not only with the “acting pension”, she also said goodbye to the beauty ideals accompanying her. “I’m a monster.”

Cameron Diaz may still look gorgeous at the age of 49, but she rarely cares about her appearance. In fact, she doesn’t wash her face anymore! In a conversation with RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Michelle Visage, she shares how her life has changed now that she’s no longer in the spotlight.


Cameron calls Hollywood’s allure a “trap” and is glad she said goodbye to this world after marrying Benji Madden in 2015.

Her story begins: “I am definitely a victim of how society employs and exploits women.” “I like that too.” According to the blonde, it’s hard not to fall into this trap. “It is hard to look in the mirror and not judge yourself according to beauty ideals. I also think that this is the biggest difference between then and who I am now. I am a wild animal, I am a beast.”

Nowadays, she hardly pays any attention to her appearance. She laughs, “I don’t care anymore.” “It’s the last thing on my mind. I literally don’t do anything anymore, I haven’t even washed my face,” she continues, adding that she has “a billion products” on her shelf gathering dust now. “I don’t want to put more energy into it.”

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