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Camille helped demolish the distinction between high and low culture, but in her TV series she asks a lot of her audience

Camille helped demolish the distinction between high and low culture, but in her TV series she asks a lot of her audience

There are days that change everything. Sometimes it's the decisions of world leaders or acts of protest that turn things upside down. For the Flemish media scene, it's the moment when the unknown Camille Dhont sang “It's Over” in… #gay. With her charming and energetic cover of Mama's Jasje, she showed her first glimpse of what Van Dale now considers “Camille's magic.” Multi-talented, he gives a burst of bright pink energy to national show business and brings together several generations. In the years following “It's Over,” the undersigned also hung his wagon on the Donut Express. At times the trip felt like a fever dream. Her performance of Beyoncé's “Listen” in a catsuit during The Masked Singer For example, he was absurdly emotional. When they are later to Love of music Flat Dance for 2 Fabiola As if it were an undiscovered work by Jacques Brel, it seemed as confusing as it was new.

Camille helped break down the distinction between high and low culture, but on the last leg of her career journey, she asked a lot of her audience. In the new VTM telenovelle Milo It depicts a shy girl who dreams of life on stage in a somewhat wooden way. However, those around her prevent her from using her golden voice. When she lands a job in the Exclusive Performance Academy cafeteria in the opening episode, the spotlight is closer than ever. Narratively speaking, it's not an innovative approach, but in and of itself it's not a problem. After a couple of minutes it becomes clear how every telenovella will end, the fun should lie mainly in the ability to spend a lot of time with wonderful characters.

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After the beginning of the very long episode, the shoes seem to fit Milo Sometimes there can be pinching. The character drawings are so one-dimensional that even famous actors like Katelijne Verbeke or Mathijs F Scheepers sleepwalk through their scenes. It is no secret to the country that TV series are produced at a very fast pace, and in any case it is too early to make a final judgement, but there is still a problem when the featured dog plays his role more credibly. The chemistry between the main character and her favorite singer Liam (Matthias Messmans) is definitely still missing. Their relationship should become the backbone of the series, but it's not convincing at the moment.

Milo It's not for fans of multi-layered television and there's no doubt that rabid Camille fans will enjoy new episodes four times a week. However, it remains a shame that the creative team doesn't fully exploit the potential of the lead actress. The series was advertised as a musical telenovella, but the first episode does not contain a single song with extensive choreography and there is no live singing even in the game scenes. The new songs written for the series contain some impressive lyrics. “We were sitting in a café / No two girls are the same / I gotta do something about it,” Liam sings on his biggest song. Telenovella requires a specific form of Suspension of disbeliefbut with a song like this, it's hard to understand why Milo would fall in love and not immediately opt for a protective restraining order.

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Milo It can be seen Monday through Thursday on VTM.