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Campaigns: Odido launched its first campaign after launching its brand last September

03-04-2024 (12:20) – Campaigns

Odido launches its first campaign after launching its brand last September. Unlimited supply is key to this campaign. Odido wants to set a new standard: Unlimited Data is not only a high-end product for data addicts and heavy users, but for everyone who never wants to run out of data. Ultimately, you just want to be able to rely on your mobile data without any worries.

Odido's mobile offering consists of not one unlimited data package, but four packages: Start, Basic, Plus and Premium, ranging from fast to super fast.

Sometimes not at all

According to Odedo, unlimited data doesn't mean being on your phone indefinitely, but never being restricted when it matters. Unlimited data is great, but it shouldn't get in the way of real communication. Sometimes it's also a good time to spend time together in real life.

Margaret KrugerBrand and customer communication manager Odedo: 'In a connected world, we believe unlimited data is something for everyone. At the same time, we also see that the use of mobile phones sometimes gets in the way of real communication. At Odido, we don't shy away from this and take the initiative to help and inspire people to reduce their use of mobile phones.

Sometimes, your connection suddenly becomes extra important, for example when you meet someone new. You want nothing more than to be in constant contact with each other – but in the end, seeing each other face to face is of course the best thing. In the TV show, we see how after a match on a dating app, two lovebirds are suddenly texting each other endlessly, sharing FaceTime and playlists. When a couple meets each other on the escalator, it's the right moment to put down the phone and really get to know each other.

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Eric FalkExecutive Creative Director TBWA\NEBOKO: “No one wants to be tied down to data, but at the same time we are all on our phones more than we would like. The challenge was to highlight both sides, in a positive way that suits Odedo. To show how this can be done.”

The campaign is being rolled out across 360 degrees, including on TV, radio, out-of-home, online and social media. The campaign goes further than just drawing attention to the new product offering. Odido comes up with “Sometimes Never” initiatives that help you use your phone more consciously. Starting an initiative for children in groups 7 and 8, which the provider will launch within a few weeks.


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