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Campanaerts predicts a new world clock record: "Jana will go 60 km in 60 minutes" |  Cycling

Campanaerts predicts a new world clock record: “Jana will go 60 km in 60 minutes” | Cycling

CyclingVictor Campinaarts lost his world clock record. Dan Bigham traveled 55,548 kilometers in Grinchen, Switzerland. At that time, Campinarts reached 55,089 kilometers in 60 minutes.

Victor Campinaerts had no doubts that Dan Bigham would break the world watch record. Our compatriot was right. The Briton started relatively quietly in Grinchen, Switzerland, but then pushed the accelerator further and further. Halfway he was in the Campinarts creek, and at the end he recorded a distance of 55,548 kilometers. punishment.

However, the unknown Bigham never raced above the Continental, Class III cycling. But he’s a strong athlete and a good time professional. This year and last year he finished second in the British Championship, and last year he was selected to participate in the World Championships for the time trial in our country. He drove 43 kilometers between Knokke and Bruges at a speed of almost 52 kilometers per hour, and was 16th out of 55 participants.

Bigham is also obsessed with aerodynamics and technology. He has accumulated so much knowledge that today he is an authority in the field of environment. He was awarded the position of “Performance Engineer” at INEOS Grenadiers.

Campenaerts: “Ganna will run 60 km in 60 minutes”

Victor Campinerts wasn’t really disappointed. The Lotto-Soudal rider knew it had to happen someday. “I think a few people have very few problems with this,” Campinarts said. “I was checking my cell phone every now and then to see if it had arrived. But like I said earlier, that wasn’t surprising. This guy knows what he’s doing, he’s a very smart guy. He can drive really fast on the track.”

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“When INEOS is behind a project, it’s usually not funny. I’m not sure, but I think this time period was usually reserved for Ganna. But since Ganna isn’t 100% out of the tour, I think they gave Dan Bigham the chance. It works. Already with INEOS to set up Ganna’s hour record as best he could. I heard the project would call 60 by 60. Sixty kilometers in sixty minutes, madness. This would appeal to the imagination, covering one kilometer every minute. If anyone could do it, It must be heaven.”

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