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Can you digitally gift a toy?

Can you digitally gift a toy?

PlayStation 5 is the gaming console that many gamers want. If you have a friend with a gaming console and want to give him a nice gift, you can consider a game.

But is it possible to give a game to the PlayStation 5 digitally? Unfortunately not anymore. It was possible for a long time, but since 2019 it is no longer possible. So this is not very useful if your friend has a digital copy of PS5. Because then you can not go to the store and buy the desired game there. But what can you do next?

Gift digital games on PlayStation 5

For Xbox One or Xbox Series X, it is possible to purchase a game digitally and then give it as a gift. You can then go to the store and buy such a ticket, after which the birthday boy can enter the code and then download it. But Sony didn’t want that anymore and decided to say goodbye. So you can no longer digitally gift a toy. But what is the probability?

PlayStation 5
game console (Photo: Charles Sims/Unsplash)

The closest you can get is to give you credit for your PlayStation 5 and 4. There are many gift cards available. If you really want to give someone a game, you’ll quickly end up with cards with a stretch Credit 50€, 75€ or even 100€. But then the recipient can decide for himself what to do with it. Perhaps it will then be spent on FIFA Coins. So if you want the recipient to buy the game you’re considering (to play together), there is no other choice but to add a card in which you write their intended purpose.

Or you can just buy it physically

However, the recipient will most likely have a physical copy of the PlayStation 5. So only with the disc case. Then you can only do the best buy the game physically. This is also more fun than the card.

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PlayStation 5: Can you digitally gift a game?

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