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Canada, Australia and England join US diplomatic boycott against Beijing Winter Games, not France

Meanwhile, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia have joined the US diplomatic boycott. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also spoken out about human rights abuses in China. According to Trudeau, the Chinese government is well aware that Western nations have long been concerned about this. “So it’s not surprising that we decided not to send a consular mission.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed in parliament yesterday that his government would not send an embassy to Beijing. Earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison did the same. It said China had never responded to some concerns of the Australian government.

France has decided not to follow the example of the above countries for now. According to the French government, human rights violations should certainly be condemned, but they aim for a common European position on the matter. French President Macron said the boycott was a “very small, symbolic move” but a diplomatic one. He says he does not want to politicize the matter, but wants to work with the International Olympic Committee to ensure the safety of all athletes.

New German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach also stressed the need for a joint European response.

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