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Canon makes printer toners without chips due to shortage

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The global shortage of chips is now also affecting manufacturers of printers and ink. Currently, the manufacturer Canon has informed customers that it will offer chipless inks for certain models. It can lead to error messages.

Manufacturers face additional problems when it comes to toner chips. The chips of these inks are guaranteed to get the job done. Consider determining how much toner or toner capacity is available in a toner or cartridge.

Warning from Canon

Canon he have I decided not to supply the inks with chips for certain printers. The manufacturer states that it has no effect on the quality of the prints. However, other functions may be affected, such as setting ink levels mentioned above. This gives error messages on the printers.


Canon has published instructions on how customers can handle these error messages. Messages often indicate a problem with ink levels and cannot be determined correctly. Customers simply need to click OK or I agree. When the “Empty” message appears, the toner or toner cartridge must already be replaced.

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