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Card Stop gets a new phone number

Card Stop gets a new phone number

Anyone who has lost their payment card or has fallen victim to fraud can now have their bank card blocked by calling Card Stop at 078-170.170. The Association of Banks Veblevin and Communications Minister Petra de Sutter reported this on Monday. The old number will remain there for a while to ensure a smooth transition.

source: Belgian

The change is driven by the amendment of telecom legislation. Moreover, thanks to the new number, no additional costs will be charged from now on. With the old number, 30 cents per minute was deducted. “Pay an extra to prevent criminals from withdrawing money with your stolen bank card. This is a world upside down,” said Communications Minister de Sutter, who called on everyone to use the new number from now on.

Just like the old number, the new number can be accessed around the clock in Dutch, French and English. You can also call Card Stop from abroad.

Unique in Europe

In order to make the new issue known to the general public, there will also be a Febelfin campaign in association with FPS Economy.

Card Stop is an initiative of Belgian banks dating back to 1993. This initiative is unique in Europe and handled 824,127 calls last year. Most calls come from customers who have lost their card (68 percent), but the card is also called in the event of online fraud (25 percent) or theft (8 percent).

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