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Cardano (ADA) gaat volgende fase Alonzo testnet in, nodigt honderden testers uit

Cardano (ADA) Enters Next Phase Alonzo Testnet, Invites Hundreds of Testers “Crypto Insiders

Cardano (ADA) Recently announced that Alonzo testnet You will enter the next stage. In a series of tweets, developer Cardano Input Output (IOHK) explains what the next phase entails.

Alonzo is a major update to the Cardano network. You will eventually do it smart contracts Launch, a function that has not yet been activated. Once Alonzo goes live, the network can actually compete against him Ethereum (ETH).

Update now in testnet. This is a test network where testers look for bugs and other improvements. Alonzo’s test grid contains different stages, each with its own color. in july, White-stage in. In this stage, the number of testers has been increased compared to the previous stage.

This would be no different in the purple stage. IOHK is currently inviting over 150 testers. Plus 300 testers belonging to the Plutus Pioneer Program. Part of this stage is also that more exchanges are involved in the developments.

This is important to make sure that once you put the actual split on it mainnet Come on, everything is going smoothly. It is not yet known when the solid purple split will actually be implemented on the testnet. There will be during the middle of the month Next week update will probably be announced more.

Alonso’s hard fork on the main grille is getting closer and closer. It could be late August or early September, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, said. He recently said in a video update:

“There are two parallel routes running simultaneously for Alonzo’s launch [,,,] The first method is the hard fork assembly moment, which is all about getting Alonzo’s abilities into the knot. The other approach is to build the infrastructure around this node that allows you to run code off-chain and on-chain and build entire Dapps.”

Alonzo’s color codes will continue to change after the hard fork on the mainnet as part of infrastructure development around smart contracts.

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