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Cattle die en masse due to continuous heat in the US state of Kansas | Abroad

At least 2,000 livestock have died in recent days due to extreme temperatures, according to the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment. According to spokeswoman Matthew Laura, farmers and companies have contacted the ministry for advice on disposing of the bodies.

Kansas is the third largest U.S. livestock state after Texas and Nebraska with more than 2.4 million livestock.

Scarlett Hawkins, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Livestock Association, explains that temperatures and humidity in western Kansas rose sharply over the weekend and cold winds began to blow. It said the animals could not adapt to this sudden change. In the northwestern part of the state, mercury rose to 42 degrees Celsius on Monday. Although strong winds and low humidity can help control deaths, temperatures are likely to rise further over the weekend.

Drew Lerner, president of the local Meteorological Agency, said: “It’s oppressive for animals to be hot and stressful. Care should be taken to ensure that there is enough water.

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