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Central Drenthe is having difficulty balancing his budget: “We are receiving new tasks from the government, but the funds are not enough to carry out those tasks”

The Executive Director of Midden-Drenthe warns his municipal council that there is less and less financial space, because more and more tasks are placed on the municipality board, without financial resources in return.

The municipality stated that “in recent years, there has been a lot of scope for community investment in the center of Drenthe along with residents, businessmen and social organizations”.

“But with all the tasks that the government has entrusted to us, without sufficient financial resources, this space is getting smaller and smaller,” says councilor Jan Schipper.

Insufficient funds from the government

Jan Schipper: “As municipalities, in recent years we have faced huge costs in youth welfare and Wmo, for example. In order to implement the Climate Convention and Environmental Law, things are going in the same direction: we are receiving new tasks from the government, but the funds are not enough to perform those mission “.

No more investing, decreasing or increasing income

The Miden Drenthe City Council will discuss the Perspective Note on July 8: the last of the current council. “The board presents the board with a number of options for balancing the budget: no new investments, no cuts, no income increases.”

The council’s budget proposal will be discussed at the City Council in November.

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