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Charlotte Van Brabander From ‘Traitors’ Is Hospitalized: Here’s What Happens

Charlotte Van Brabander From ‘Traitors’ Is Hospitalized: Here’s What Happens

Charlotte van Brabander is currently undergoing IVF. She’s been very open about it on her social media. Last weekend, she shared a not-so-sweet update.

“Huge stabs to the stomach,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I went to the emergency room and now to Getty for surgery, most likely.”

Doctors suspected that her right ovary was twisted. Anyway, it hurts like hell. “Long live morphine,” she wrote.

A few hours later I came up with a useful update. “Everything is fine here,” she said. “I had an ovary twisted on its axis, but it somehow turned back. The pain was much better after that.”

She had to remain under observation for another night to make sure she wasn’t really in pain anymore. “Because I got too much morphine. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.”

She also explains to her followers the reason behind her problem. “With IVF, the stimulation ensures that you produce a lot of eggs.”

“There are usually one or two cycles per cycle, but for me there were fifteen. This makes the ovaries very large and heavy, making it easy for them to spin on their axis. This causes me pain.”

Unfortunately, she now has less good news. The problem is not her ovaries, but kidney stones. This also has serious consequences for the IVF process. “The transfer may be postponed until September. The pain from the kidney stones seems to be so severe that I can’t walk.” Good luck, Charlotte!