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Charlotte's journey: 'I want to live in New Zealand when I grow up'

Charlotte's journey: 'I want to live in New Zealand when I grow up'

Many passengers come to Zwolle station every day. Everyone has their plans, one is on the way to school or work, the other is a long trip or visit. She talks to them in the Zwolle neighborhood: where is Charlotte's journey going today?

Charlotte (23) heads to Hamburg, Germany on Friday March 29. He lives in the Netherlands, but goes to Germany one weekend to go to a concert with a friend. “I'm going to have a good weekend.”

Study in the Netherlands

Charlotte is from Germany but has been living in Leiden for her studies for five years. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Psychology. “I'm doing this in the Netherlands because it's hard to get into a similar training program in Germany.”

New Zealand

She is happy in the Netherlands, but then she wants to live in an English-speaking country. “After five years in the Netherlands, I still don't speak Dutch, which is very embarrassing. I speak English well, so I feel at home. New Zealand seems like a country to build my future.

Later, the student wants to work as a therapist in a clinic. “I want to help people with mental disorders and do more research on these issues.”

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