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Chernobylite is now in early access, coming out next month

Chernobylite is now in early access, coming out next month

Now with less sugar

Developer The Farm was actually going to finish the horror and survival RPG game on October 16, 2019 ChernobylBut due to circumstances, this did not happen. But don’t worry, because the game came out recently steam in early access. The game is said to be 95% complete, but you can actually buy it for 29.99. It’s explicitly stated that it’s not over yet and that there’s still something missing from the story in the last missions, so you’ve been warned.

at Chernobyl You play a physicist. A former employee of a Chernobyl power plant, you return to the disaster area to investigate the mysterious disappearance of your loved one. Survive in the disaster stricken area and remember: the enemy army there is not your only concern.

Advanced outdoor suit or no soldier?

The game is a mixture of science fiction and role-playing in an open world riven by the radiation of an exploding nuclear reactor. The story is not linear and the choices you make affect the game world. And sometimes you don’t even notice it until hours later in the game. The game now has an expected release date of July 2021 and will be available on PC, XBox One, and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and 5.

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