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China mocks US Huawei policy with bizarre James Bond parody

Two secret agents, Agent 0.06 and ‘James Bond’, discuss their latest mission in the video. The dialogues are confusing and disgusting, and ‘James Bond’ repeats the slogan ‘Excuse me’ from the Waynes World movie for no reason.

Both spies talk about China’s propaganda and espionage policies, but seem to have confused the country with the United States. Agnet 0.06 also accuses the West of campaigning against Huawei.

This weird video was released by Xinhua Web light Inside Twitter. It may be propaganda for Western nations seeking to expose America’s hypocrisy.

However, sticking above all else is bad acting and random references to American pop culture. The video for “0.07: No Time to Die Laugh” is one for the Curio archive.

Was added to the block, and then turnover fell

Huawei has been in the US since 2019 Blacklist It is therefore not allowed to trade with US companies. The United States fears that China is carrying out corporate espionage work through Huawei, which the company denies. U.S. companies using Huawei technology are currently working to remove it.

Until US restrictions, Huawei was one of the world’s largest suppliers of telecommunications network equipment and the largest manufacturer of smartphones. Following that, the company’s revenue Collapsed.

Huawei’s network equipment has been removed or blocked in many Western countries. In the Netherlands, for example, the company offers 5G has no core equipment More for telecommunications providers.