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Chocolate in your mailbox every month?  Yes Please: Tony’s Chocolonely comes with a subscription form |  Nina

Chocolate in your mailbox every month? Yes Please: Tony’s Chocolonely comes with a subscription form | Nina

Can’t get enough of chocolate? Do Tony’s Chocolonely bars specifically make your mouth water? Then we have news that will undoubtedly make you happy: from now on you can subscribe to your beloved candy brand. Every month, the chocolate manufacturer surprises its subscribers with unique flavors that you can’t taste anywhere else. Delicious for yourself or as the ultimate gift for a chocolate lover.

The classic caramel sea salt, cinnamon biscuit or rather the one with coconut? Anyone who is a fan of Tony’s Chocolonely has already tasted every flavor. But from now on, you no longer have to go to the store to get your favorite bar, because the chocolate manufacturer releases at least two subscription formulas.

How it works? Members of the so-called Tony’s Chocolate Club receive a box full of goodies with the latest flavors every month. For 12.5 euros per month, you get a box with four half-boards in two new and exclusive flavors and the classic Tony’s Bar. Clever: The box fits perfectly in your mailbox, so you don’t even have to stay home to receive ethical chocolate via Postman.

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You can choose from a delicious temporary subscription of three, six or twelve months. Perfect as a gift for true chocolate lovers. This subscription will automatically expire after the chosen period, and you do not have to do anything for it. Would you rather enjoy your chocolate a little longer or would you rather decide for yourself when to cancel? Permission to subscribe to continued enjoyment is yours. This allows you to activate, pause or cancel online at any time from the comfort of your home.

It’s not good for the streak, but such a chocolate formula can make a dreary day — or troublesome periods — more bearable, so we’re a fan. At the moment, subscription is only available in the Netherlands, but Tony’s Chocolonely does not rule out the possibility that the formula will soon also come to Belgium if it turns out to be successful.

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