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Chris Rock Talks About Will Smith's Oscars Incident: 'I'm Not a Victim' |  Famous People

Chris Rock Talks About Will Smith’s Oscars Incident: ‘I’m Not a Victim’ | Famous People

Famous PeopleThe Academy Awards were presented in Los Angeles in March. The awards didn’t get all the attention, but Will Smith (53) hit broadcaster Chris Rock (57). During a recent comedy show, the latter is now back on the incident.

“Anyone who says words can hurt hasn’t been punched in the face,” Chris Rock said during one of his recent comedy shows in New Jersey. The comedian was referring to the blow he received from Will Smith in March. Rock won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, but he mocked the bald head of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife, who suffers from alopecia. After that, the actor walked onto the stage and punched Rock in the face. As soon as he returned to his seat, he shouted, “Leave my damned wife’s name out of your mouth.”

An embarrassing moment that has dire consequences for Will Smith. The actor, who later apologized, was banned from membership in the Academy, the organization behind the Academy Awards, for ten years. Chris Rock has been largely silent about the incident in recent months. But now he talked about it more intensely. It sounded like “I’m not a victim”. “Yeah, damn, it hurts. But I put it behind me and went back to work the next day. I’m not going to the hospital for a piece of paper.”

Shortly after the incident, Rock spoke briefly about what had happened. “I don’t have much to say about what happened,” he said at the time. “So if you came here to hear about it, I planned an entire show that I actually wrote this weekend. I’m still processing what happened. I’ll talk about it at some point. And it’s going to be serious and funny.”

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