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Christophe Dain still has to laugh after Glenn de Boeck's pass in Kortrijk - Football News

Christophe Dain still has to laugh after Glenn de Boeck’s pass in Kortrijk – Football News

Club icon Christoph Dain experienced something as a KV Kortrijk player. But this season has also been a turbulent time as an assistant.

Christophe Dane was going to take a year off after he stopped playing football, but Glenn de Boeck called him and asked if he wanted to become an assistant at KV Kortrijk.

“I said yes then because I didn’t want to regret it later, but now I realize that I am not yet ready to enter the world of coaching,” he says in Het Belang van Limburg.

“I don’t feel like it, maybe it will come later. It was an adventure with De Boeck, but I don’t want to comment on it further,” Dane laughs heartily.

D’Haene also worked with Freyr Alexandersson for a while, until he bid farewell to the club in mid-January during the winter break. “I also decided during training that I was really going to quit football,” D’Haene continues.

Exit in Kortrijk

“I also said that to CEO Peter Eklow. I had been in conflict for a while. When we returned to Belgium, I invited Alexandersson to dinner and I was honest with him. He really appreciated it.

D’Haene hopes KV Kortrijk stays alive, because 1B is a lottery after all. “If you look at the budget that Zulte-Waregem tried with and it still failed, well. It won’t be easy for Kortrijk in 1B if there are no investments, so I hope they succeed against Lommel.