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City and Architecture A New Auditorium Series Begins

How does inertia appear in space? What does the slow process look like? Can we resist speed? Can we resist talking about time and space in terms of consumer goods? How do you tell a story about slow space? Who are the heroes of this story (against the heroes)? Is there slow motion on the rise? Who are the designers and artists who care about inertia? How do they do it? What is the correct slow position? The perfect slow setting? The best slow vibes?

You will learn the answers to these questions and more during the new AUDITORIUM lecture series by Stad en Architectuur vzw. All practical information can be found at this site.

a program

27.10.2021: cradle bed, Now the architecture studio

Whether it is a large scale building or a piece of furniture, NU Architectuuratelier’s work is imbued with craftsmanship. Since their first projects, NU’s design process has been the result of research into scale models, full-size models, and experiments with materials. In the process, the fascination with the way things are always made is related to everyday use, and it is precisely this interest in everyday use that we associate with the theme of Slow Space.

17.11.2021: Shall we attack Amara?, Dorzon Architects Interior

Do not leave an effort without his heart. Or, don’t leave any material unexamined. Doorzon’s work demonstrates a particular view of interior design, with a deep knowledge of the profession and a significant impact on the environment. In recent years, their unique vision for interior design has manifested itself in numerous collaborations with devylder architects vinck taillieu and 51N4E and architects Els Claessens and Tania Vandenbussche, among others.

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December 8, 2021: burning, Caspar Hamacher

More of a craftsman than a designer. This is how Caspar Hamacher describes himself. As the son of a forester, he learned the natural qualities of wood early on and they are still evident in his work. A tree as huge as a couch or a stump burnt like a stool: the material seems to impose its will on the maker and not the other way around. Thus, each piece of furniture is unique and is made to order only.

23.02.2022: open the frame, Peter Downsbrough

Artist Peter Downsbrough intervenes in public spaces as well as in the exhibition space, book or postcard. Consistently and with limited resources – lines and words – he creates specific yet versatile works. This creates an “open framework” in which parts of an existing situation are demarcated and at the same time brought into new links.

16.03.2022, accelerated nature, Bass Summits office

How does the city relate to nature? Landscape architect Bas Smets designs landscapes that arise from complex situations in urban (peripheral) areas. By carefully reading ‘landscape structures’, whether it is a parking lot, car park, football field or agricultural plot, hybrid solutions are created that create new natural connections.

27.04.2022: work on urban metabolism, Architectuurplatform Terwecoren-Verdickt

Design and research by design are central to the work of ARCHITECTURE PLATFORM TERWECOREN VERDICKT. Architecture and construction require effort, time, resources and energy and have an impact on the environment. Careful handling of these valuables requires critical questions and thoughtful decisions.