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Clement uses the opening tour to sneak into the playoff once more

Clement uses the opening tour to sneak into the playoff once more

Leader Club Brugge He was forced to settle the match 2–2 against RSC Anderlecht On the opening day of the Champions League match. Undoubtedly, the Flemish West has relied on the Three Points against their archenemy, but overall, damage remains limited. However, Philip Clement couldn’t resist sniffing out the look of the competition after that.

Half of the points is a thorn in Clement’s side. This is how they would say in the Tour de France to a rider who rides in the lead for an entire day: ‘You have to stop for the last 20 kilometers. The more you progress, the longer you will have to wait, “says the coach. From Club Brugge Sporza.

Clement wasn’t completely satisfied with the match itself. And he saw that his forces in the first half were below their level. However, I am convinced that despite 1-2 minutes at the 86th minute, we still have the mental and physical flexibility to respond. This point was also deserved, ā€¯Clement says.

Due to the point division, Club Brugge should not lose much of their lead. At Royal Antwerp FC, the closest striker before the post-competition start, goes up to one point. KRC Genk is now the premier stalker, albeit in eight units.