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Cloudflare: TikTok ousts Google as the most popular domain name – IT Pro – News

In this case, the domain “” (and its relatives) will be the most requested via cloudflare. Note that this depends on how low the “live time” for that domain is, because the lower it gets, the more times the client will request that domain. In the case of tiktok, the TTL is at 60 seconds (when I just watched). On Google and Facebook it’s 300 seconds; Tiktok, with the same popularity, will be requested 5 times more than google or facebook.

You can also “trick” this by having your app check “Am I online” every minute. With ‘ttl’ for 1 minute, everyone who has the app will send a request to Cloudflare’s DNS servers every minute. This should not only be a check to see if you are online, but also a way to retrieve updates/notifications etc.

This is why you also see weird domain names like in the Top 10 Names for Holland, which is from Ubiquity; A very popular brand of switches and routers in Holland. I suspect they are also asking for the “” hostname a few times a minute to see if they’re still online and/or if there are any updates.

Microsoft is also at the top of the list; This is not surprising, because every Windows computer will regularly request updates from Microsoft, right now, or ask the mail servers of outlook/hotmail if there is new mail. Depending on the ttl of those domains, this will also result in a nice mountain of requests.

So in general, it doesn’t say much about _how_ the app is popular, but it says _that_ the app is popular

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