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Club Brugge avoids disgrace in the 103rd minute and draws in the opening match against Leoben

Club Brugge narrowly avoided opening-day defeat to Eupen. In injury time, De Kitleari managed to score a 2-2 equalizer.

Jan Breydel’s crowd was ready, after having to watch their club from home for nearly an entire season, they were welcomed back with open arms at Bruges. Clement immediately caused the necessary suspicion among these fans by making Okereke start on the wing. De Ketelaere was allowed to take center stage in midfield.

However, Eupen was unimpressed by the Bruges crowd and at times also tried to advance towards the Lammens goal. Ngoy manages to hold Ritz in the box and roll him free for a shot, but he decides.

Moments later, the pressure from the club increased. Eupen goalkeeper Noureddine first had to distinguish himself after a close-range header from Okereke and then also had to be on point with a long shot from Ricca and a free kick from De Ketelaere. However, the club was unable to score in the first 45 minutes of the new season.

the other half

In the second half, the club continued to search for the first goal. Furmer suddenly got a lot of space on the edge of the sixteen and sent a deep ball toward Okereke. Noureddine came out very well, preventing Okereke from having much time to think and making a tackle.

Soon it’s time for it blue-black. De Kettleri hit a cross from Mata towards the goal directly on the arm of Agbado. Van Derek initially waved a protest away, but made the point after the VAR intervened. Dost opened his account from eleven meters away.

Dusit Pass
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The hardest part seemed to be over for the club but shortly thereafter Brugge’s defense was not well organized. Privlejak found that Lammens was still on his way, but Caembe, left alone, put the banners on the right again.

Fifteen minutes before the end, Eubin managed to calm down on Jan Breedel’s court, substitute Lambert advanced with the ball at his foot, Njoy made a walking move and was found with a calculated pass. Face-to-face with Lamens, the Belgian-Congolese striker did not fail.

If one player had to be named in the match, it was undoubtedly Yobin’s goalkeeper, Noureddine. He blocked Okereke twice and managed to keep everything out of his line in the first half. In the final stage, he showed himself with a superb display on a shot by Rits to secure the lead.


That seemed to be the case, because even in the extra ten minutes, the club was unable to score. Only in the 13th minute of the additional 10 minutes did De Kitleuri work in the 2-2 that came in Jan Breedel as the goal of the victory.

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