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Club Brugge excels with its deadly cannon in scoring goals

Club Brugge excels with its deadly cannon in scoring goals

Club Brugge are looking for a new striker following the departure of Igor Thiago to Brentford. Genoa’s Guven Yalcin is high on their list, and the national champions are said to have made an offer.

The 25-year-old Turkish player scored nine goals for Karagumruk last season, well above his expected goals, and has shown that he is strong both offensively and defensively in the Super League. Yalcin, who has been praised for his style and focus, dreams of a career in Europe’s top competitions and the Champions League.

Searching for a replacement for Igor Thiago

Club Brugge have a new striker at the top of their wish list. With Igor Thiago leaving for Brentford, the Blue and Blacks must look for a new attacking leader. “It’s clear that this is a priority,” Club Brugge CEO Bob Maddow recently told the podcast. mid mid.

Although Club Brugge are planning to make smart, future-oriented transfers within a budget of between €5-10m, there is a little more room in the budget for a new striker.

Arsenal’s Mika Perez has already been mentioned as a potential reinforcement to the attacking line. In addition, according to Sascha Tavoleri, the national champion has reached out to the entourage of Francolino Dijo, the 19-year-old striker from Guinea-Bissau who currently plays for FC Midtjylland.

Yalcin will be an expensive bird

Club Brugge are determined to find a quick replacement for Igor Thiago, who is leaving for Brentford. Blauw-Zwart has its eye on Guven Yalcin and has reportedly made a bid to Genoa, where the Turkish striker remains under contract until 2026.

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Last season, Yalcin, who has three international caps, was loaned to Karagumruk and although the Turkish club was pleased with his performances, they have no plans to sign him permanently.

“Juven Yalçın is not among the players we are considering signing. We have not made an offer to Genoa,” Suleyman Hurma, president of Karagumruk, told Radio Sport.

Yalcin will not be a cheap reinforcement. Last summer he negotiated a contract with Besiktas, but rejected their offer and demanded a guaranteed annual salary of €1m.

So Club Brugge will have to dig deep if they want to appoint Yalcin as their new attacking leader.

Highly efficient deadly striker

Guven Yalcin proved his worth at Karagumruk last season with 9 goals, well above his expected goals of 6.94. The 25-year-old Turkish player was also above average in efficiency with a scoring rate of 16%, making him one of the ten most efficient strikers in the Super Lig.

Yalcin had a great impact offensively in the Turkish League, where he ranked third in offensive regularity among all strikers. He ranked second in the number of dribbles, third in the number of offensive movements, third in the number of successful offensive movements, and second in the number of accelerations with the ball at his feet.

Yalcin also excelled defensively. He was the third most consistent defender among strikers in the Premier League, second in number of defensive tackles and fourth in number of interceptions.

This diversity makes it an attractive option for Club Brugge.

Yalcin dreams of the highest

Guven Yalcin admires the playing style of strikers like Luis Suarez and Robert Lewandowski and always looks up to stars like Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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His ambition is to reach the top, dreaming of playing in the Premier League or La Liga and being part of a Champions League team.

Yalcin is known for his good technique, ease of scoring, and dribbling. His positioning on the field is at a high level, which makes him a dangerous striker.

His speed is an aspect he is still working on to improve his game.